Three Generations of Mariachi Figueroa in Canada


    1967: Man in his world & Universal Expo of Montreal on Notre-Dame and Ste-Helene Island, where we find international pavilions of countries, one of which being Mexico. Finding inside the Mexican pavilion include Mexican arts and daily life representations of Mexico and their cultural music called: Mariachi

   Mariachi Figueroa History: Don José Figueroa

    Since 1967, Don Figueroa lives in Montreal and founded the Mariachi Figueroa Group. Don Figueroa brings his eldest son in 1970 to Montreal. In 1973 two of his sons and nephew join him in his role of ambassador to Mexican music. In 1984 two more sons of Don Jose join the Mariachi Figueroa. In 1995 two nephews of Don José join the group and a true dynamic is reached, three generations of Figueroa are playing together.

    Don Figueroa has left us in 2005 leaving a great heritage to his family, to the Mariachi cultural music in Mexico and to all cultures in Canada.

   Most recently Mariachi Figueroa took part of the world exposition production in Australia and have accomplished a production in London and Dubai with remarkable success.

   We’ve Entertained major and important events including cultural, social and tourist. The group takes part in producing with patriotic and all traditional Mexican events in Quebec. They also take part in events with major cities (Toronto, Ottawa, Winnepeg, St-John’s, Quebec) and many more across Canada.

   Mariachi Figueroa often help celebrate the great moments in the lives of the mexican people. With the serenata (seranade), the Mariachi participates in the rite of courtship.

   In a society where the young members of opposite sexes were kept apart, the serenata was a means of communication by which a young man could send a message of love to the woman of his heart.

   In many areas of Mexico, it is not unusual to be awakened by the sound of Las Mananitas, the traditional song for birthdays. The Mariachi is usually positioned strategically on the street beneath the window of the festejada (person celebrated), but the sound of its music echoes through the whole neighborhood. Mariachis are also commonly hired for baptisms, weddings, patriotic holidays, and even funerals.